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Expectations and Half-and-Half Make a Fine Brandy Alexander

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“We need the ballerinas”
And so an ivory stripper
Named ¡Carrera!
Presented proudly
Steps forward and that 95 lbs
Ribbons the ///forearms/// of the touchers
They should know better but
Fathers urged them
To barrel through snowbanks
And be equally fearless in life
Little ¡Carrera!, on the other hand, gleefully collected beautiful, sequined balloons only
to see them pop before she was finished with them. Girls like this are tumid with
disappointment. It cakes their teeth and they bloody their tongues flicking at it.
The room sounds like foreskin in retreat
She marches angrily like a free bitch
A hidden cannonade of tumbling seed
Dumbly lines the stage in reverence
In a buttoned-leather:tall chair, Swarthy sits,
Preferring to watch soft-core pornography
While reading Minor ’s survey, Baroque & Rococo…
That corner of the room is dimly lit
By a bony lamp (that one had such a lovely face
No wonder her crown spills light this way)
¡Carrera! races toward him
Expecting him to pop and release
A screaming evil like the final
Battle cry of a Japanese soldier
Obligingly, the ice melts up his back
Tuned sinew calmly toes a spike
Through her temple and
he inhales in her final groan