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Some High Moot Moments From The Lives Of An Estrology Consulting Science Thumping Metamodern

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Sequence One: (Orgaznizing) Chaos


A humanoid faces an armored human foe

A baboon performs a stunt to its master’s play of bamboo

A whale throws up a woman from its belly

A horse drags itself with its deceased master upon it to a standstill

An ostrich is alarmed finding a biped buried to its neck

A dove with a note tied to its leg takes flight

A temple rat bites a morsel of laddu prasad

 A moth flies into a just being lit cigarette

A white ant eats through the corner of a classified document

A louse tastes blood from the nape of a neck

A prokaryote splits itself up and it is two

You Go See Your Past Present Future And He Goes I Didn’t Know We’re Devolving And You Go On I Didn’t Know It Either Wait Do You Mean You Are Oh No

Sequence Two: It’s the Universenut (Billiance)

The prokaryote feeds on itself

The louse breathes its last of a repellent

The white ant feels the vibration of a gunshot in its vicinity

The moth flies into the boy’s throat and he chokes

The temple rat drinks milk from a bowl

The dove hit by an arrow dives in the air

The ostrich hisses to call her flock

The horse finds itself at the edge of a hill, the ground beneath its feet shifting

The whale rising to the surface exhales a fountain

The baboon snatches the stick from its master, strikes it against the ground, and waits for the man to perform

The humanoid, dismembered from torso down, thinks the human foe must be humanoid