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Published March 12, 2013
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He only speaks of red and white. Never together. He wants to see his sister in love, but hopes he will not become jealous. She will fight for her beliefs with the St. Francis Catholic Church and he will cry when she isn’t looking, so he doesn’t lose her respect. He will work washing windows for Hunter’s Hotels, and try to ignore grunting men in lust. She will go to Texas State and she will thank him when he sends $150 a week to support her. In two years she will visit. She will walk into the house without knocking. He will be masturbating to Adonis in Bed. He will cover up with a black and red blanket that’s beginning to fade and fray in large dollar-sized pieces. She will pick up the Adonis in Bed VHS and read the small white print on the back. He will cry after she leaves. She will stay the night with the neighbors she knew from church. Two weeks later she will be in Texas State and he will leave to buy a pizza at Papa Johns. His will die when his neighbor, a father of three boys, slams an aluminum bat into the back of his neck. His sister will fly home for the funeral. She will speak of his beliefs. She will lie in prayer.


The Author
Ash Snyder is a student at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, MO graduating in May 2013 with a major in English Technical Communication and minor in Creative writing that has been an intern for The Mochila Review for the last three years and editor of the student journal, Canvas, for the last two.

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